Chidi and Samuel

December 2020 | Baltimore, Maryland


We have nothing but great things to say about GEMS. Our dream wedding was actualized beyond our imaginations. The whole day was quite peaceful, joyous, and enjoyable for me and my husband. We were well taken care of and didn’t have to worry about things being done. We got to enjoy our day in the moment and for this, I am very grateful.

We originally contacted GEMS to request for support on the day of our wedding as an event coordinator. We were about 2 months before the wedding at this point. I (Bride) had an amazing consultation with Victoria the event manager. After the meeting, I called my Fiancé crying. I was in so much awe of how great the meeting went. Up till that point, I planned my wedding and was looking to hand it off to someone who could help coordinate and organize things leading up to the day. Such professionalism, kindness, and understanding were displayed. I left the meeting feeling so edified, encouraged, and thankful to God.

Victoria easily turned to our event planner at this stage of our wedding planning especially due to the Covid 19 situation going on during the year; there were a lot of moving parts, things that needed to be done, uncertainty, and all. One thing we appreciate that she stressed to us at the time was the need to be a united front and that we both needed to participate fully in the wedding planning process. Usually, the bride does most of the planning for the wedding but Victoria was able to convince and include my husband and I in all the planning efforts and no one was left behind. She had creative ways of including both bride and groom in areas of the planning process. Planning together made the process so much easier.

GEMS is really good at what they do. They will understand your needs and desires and work hard to provide the best options and vendors for your dream. They are very upfront and honest in their dealings which is very important to me. Victoria was able to work with our budget and research the best vendors to fit our needs. Throughout the planning stage, Victoria kept us encouraged, our spirit lifted, and was there to help at every point in time. She made everything easier on us and that way we were able to focus on other preparations before the big day.

When it came to communication with our vendors, family, and guests, she was also very helpful in making sure all communication was done effectively and that everyone was clear on their role or task. Her team was very well organized and went the extra mile to communicate our vision to the parties involved. I really admired the optimism and professionalism of GEMS. For many, planning a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, civil unrest, elections and more, should be quite daunting but we felt so much peace, and GEMS and the team offered so much hope, encouragement and were constantly convinced that our dream will come alive!

Our desired wedding theme was simple, elegant and one that would showcase the glory of God. All we can say is vision achieved!!! And exceeded!!! Everything was so beautiful and to top it off, we were on time and on schedule. Of course all the glory to God for the outcome of everything and giving grace, strength, and love to the amazing team at GEMS.

I am so grateful, thankful, and pleased at the amazing, professional, and selfless treatment I’ve received from GEMS. They did more than planning, they were a listening ear, praying team, and an optimistic & faithful servant. They served us so well. To think we were only 2 months away front the big day when we reached out is absurd. GEMS took over and invested in seeing our vision come alive. Thank you again and again and again.

Anyone looking to book GEMS, just write the vision make it plain, bring it to the GEMS team and watch it come to life by the grace of God!!! Honesty, integrity, order, love, passion, joy, and hope are awesome traits at GEMS If I had to name a few.

Chidi & Samuel

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